EVENT -58 - IPH FUNNN 2019

30th to 15th May, 2019

Grand USA Trip 2019

An exclusive Fun, Info and Entertainment programme on board for group of 20 Homoeopathic physicians, their families and friends. (an en-route from New York  Washington DC  Nayagara Falls  Las Vegas  Los Angels  San Francisco

Total 49 family members including 20 Homoeopathic Physicians from Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu visited to the above Destinations, by name Grand USA Trip 2019 in USA from 30th to 15th May, 2019

This well planned tour was designed and managed by Mr. John of UNIGLOBE Adyar Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd. of Chennai.

To make the visitors more active and interactive and also to make the tour more memorable and enjoyable, the IPH Foundation in association with Uniglobe Adyar Travel Bureau, had designed and organized a Fun, Info & Entertainment programme.…by name IPH FUNNN.

This programme included Music, Quiz, Fun activities designed from 5th year child to 80yrs Senior citizen. The entire programme was well appreciated by the participants. Valuable gifts were distributed among the winners.

The orgnisers of IPH FUNNNN were felicitated by the tour members at the end of the programme.

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