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15th June , 2017
LMHI World Homoeopathic Congress 2017

A Homoeopathic clinical research papers on Practice management and Clinical evidence study conducted by IPH has been accepted for a scientific Congress.

Dr. B. S. Mohan, Director, at the Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH) received an email inviting him to present their papers to the 72ndHomoeopthic World Congress at Leipzig, Germany, during 14 – 17th June 2017.

In a press release from their IPH administrative office, today, the director details about Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH) which is a non-profit, self-funded, voluntary academic organization founded in 2003 by Post Graduate Homoeopathic Physicians of Andhra Pradesh. It has been working based on the 2nd and 5th recommendations of World Health Organisation (WHO) published in its Health Report 1999 to integrate Homoeopathy in public health care. The main area of interest of IPH is Practice Management and Clinical evidence in Homoeopathy.IPH is an institutional member of LMHI- Germany.

“even after 220 years, homoeopathy still receiving criticism from few corners of the society, it is due to bad practicing methods in clinical practice as commented by WHO in its report 1999,” he quoted in a press report on Thursday. “we, the team IPH, started working on Practice Management since 2003 to promote the high standards in clinical practice” “ IPH had organised various Surveys and Seminars in this regarded” he added..”

Dr. D. V. Krishna Rao, Academic Director-IPH, illustrated the paper – that their 00 years of hard and dedicated work on Practice management in Homoeopathy was recognised by LMHI, LigaMedicorumHomoeopathica Internationalis(LMHI), is a global organisation, founded in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in 1925. Later it had moved to statutory headquarter to Geneva (Switzerland), representing Homoeopathic medical associations of more than 70 countries worldwide, and accepted their following work to present.

IPH had brought out and presented two international level research papers viz. 1. “Practice Management in Homoeopathy – for better appreciation and better adoption in public health care” and 2. “The Prescription – Most Neglected Clinical Document in Homoeopathy ” at the International Conferences, New Delhi during 2011 and 2016 respectively.

Now in response to the invitation of research papers by the above congress 2017, two more papers of IPH were submitted and both were also accepted by LMHI to present at its ensuing World Congress- Leipzig, Germany scheduled from 14th – 17th June, 2017 where Hahnemann left his footsteps for the development of Homoeopathy.

The accepted papers are:

i. Practice Management in Homoeopathy- A Post Graduate Training Modulefor better health care delivery, practice and appreciation.

Practice Management in Homoeopathy This untouched and unique subject, as a post graduate module, attempts to elucidate the topic “Practice Management of Homoeopathy” including duties of a Practitioner, Clinical Staff, Selection and dispensing the remedy. Documentation of evidence based case records in particular, Ethical issues, discusses “ Dos and DON’Ts’ , suggestions to practitioners etc., for better health care delivery, practice and appreciation", which are not taught / considered generally in the institutes or colleges.

The paper was accepted for Oral presentation under category of “Homoeopathy in the field of Teaching -(Homoeopathy at Universities / Institutes )”

The above scientific works were authored by a special team comprising viz. Dr. B. S. Mohan, (Amalapuram), Dr. D. V. Krishna Rao (Vijayawada), Dr. I. Srinivas (Narasarao Peta) and Dr. V. SrinivasaBabu (Vijayawada). The remaining network members also participate and assist in the research work whenever and wherever necessary.

Dr. I. Srinivas, Director-Seminars (IPH) explained about the congress that “DeutscherZentralvereinhomöopathischerÄrzte(DZVhÄ), an oldest Association of German Homoeopathic Physicians, founded in 1829, in association withLMHI has proposed to organise a 4-Day 72nd Homoeopathic World Congress 2017 at Leipzig (Germany), where Dr Samuel Hahnemann founded and developed this unique medical system. The theme of this congress is “Networking in medical care – Collaboration for the benefit of the patient”

The objective of this world congress is the promotion of science and research, higher education and training of medical professionals and to contribute in shaping the design of the framework of health policy in Homoeopathy. It also extends an opportunity to the scientific working groups and research workers, to present and discuss their results and problems etc., in research work with other counterparts of our planet. The 72nd Congress invites research papers, pertaining to topics under 15 categories from all over the world.

Dr. V. SrinivasaBabu, executive Member-IPH, added “The organisers of 72nd LMHI Congress 2017, are planning an excursion also for the benefit of the delegates, a life time chance, to visit the places like Meissen, the birthplace of Hahnemann, Leipzig University – where he received his MD and delivered his lectures, translated medical literature and developed Homoeopathy, Kothen - the place where he lived and practiced Homoeopathy with immense popularity.”

The members of IPH thank all their friends, members of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians (IIHP) and also their parents, family members etc., for extending their sincere support, co-operation and motivation for the uplift of IPH to reach this highest honour to present their scientific papers at the World Homoeopathic Congress Leipzig, Germany.

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