EVENT -45 - LMHI 2017 PAPER 1

14th June , 2017
LMHI World Homoeopathic Congress 2017 – 2012
LigaMedicorumHomoeoapthica Internationalis
Leipzig - GERMANY

Recurrent Pyogenic Dermatological Infection– Role of Homoeopathy: delivered through network clinics – An observational study

Recurrent Pyogenic Dermatological Infection: About 17% patients of the general practitioner are related to skin diseases. The majority of the recurrent pyogenic skin infections are not only due to nutritional and immune deficiencies, but also may be due to other underlying predisposing factors viz. miasms etc. When the existing immunity of the host is limited, the treatment with anti-biotics will further deteriorate the immunity and ultimately it leads to worsen the case. Thus such cases are attending the homoeopathic clinics only after visiting many allopathic and other treatments. As a complementary and alternative medical system, Homoeopathy is the most commonly opted system for dermatological conditions. In fact, it is also receiving many such conditions, and they are being treated successfully with its holistic approach of treatment to check the recurrence.

This is an observational study. Cases taken from the network clinics of 13 members of IPH, which are located at various (00) places of the Andhra Pradesh. Homoeopathic treatment was applied in Clinical, Miasmatic and Constitutional approaches. The cloud technology was used to store and retrieve the data. Total 76 cases are taken for the study.

This paper was accepted for Poster presentation under category of “Best case of my life”

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