9th February , 2016
LMHI International President Visit to India – 2016
LMHI International Solidarity on Homoeopathy – 2016
LigaMedicorumHomoeoapthica Internationalis
Hyderabad - INDIA

The international president LMHI – Germany, Dr. Renzo Galassi and Treasurer Ms. AltunayAgoglou visited India during 9th February 2016. This is an official visit to India by an International President as a part of their international tour to various countries. Various Homoeopathic organisations and institutes were invited to discuss the development and other political issues related to Homoeopathy in India.

Policy makers like Dr. B. D. Patel, Dr. Arvind Kothe, Corporate Homoeopaths viz., Homoeocare International, Positive Homoeopathy, Star Homoeopathy etc participated with their representatives. In this connection Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH) also received a special invitation to attend the Presidents meet.

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