18th February, 2012
Refresh – 2012
Maharaja Institute of Homoeopathic Sciences
Vizianagaram - INDIA

INSTITUTE OF PRACTICING HOMOEOPATHY (IPH) in association withMaharajah’s Institute of Homoeopathic Sciences (MIHS), Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh organised a ONE DAY seminar on 18th Feb, 2012, at the well furnished conference of the first private Homoeopathic Medical college, MIHS at Vizianagaram. This is the first homoeopathic seminar in the MIHS.

The above seminar was inaugurated by Sri Alluru Murthy Raju, Chairman of the MIHS & MIMS, by lighting the jyothi. Dr. T. A. V. Narayana Raju, Dean MIMS garlanded the Hahnemann bust photo. Dr. NSR Srinivasa Rao, Principal, MIHS presided over the seminar. Dr.Sudhakar, Asst. Prof MIHS, co-ordinated the programme.In his presidential inaugural words Dr. NSR Srinivasa Rao, Principal, MIHS, appreciated the initiation taken by the Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH) for its interest in organising the seminars to promote high standards in homoeopathic clinical practice. Sri Alluru Murthy Raju, Chairman, MIHS & MIMS, promised the students in introducing the Post Graduate courses in Homoeopathy in the MIHS, soon. He requested the staff and students to propagate the Homoeopathic science to nook and corner of the region by organising the medical camps etc.,

Dr. T. A. V. Narayana Raju , Dean, Maharaja’s Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS), Vizianagaram, inaugurated the academic exhibition on Homoeopathy arranged by IPH. In his speech he requested the IPH to organise many more seminars in the MIHS in future too for better practical understanding of the science and motivation.Prof. C. P. Satya Prasad, academic advisor, IPH delivered his lecture on Essentials to learn Homoeopathy… he stressed the importance of Holistic approach and mind body relations in Homoeopathy.

Dr. B. S. Mohan, Director, IPH, presented his lecture on Health & Homoeopathy – non academic IPH introduction to Health & Homoeopathy. He quoted the IPH college survey report that the students who join the college are 71% from Non medical families conducted during 2005 -2011. To give a overall view on Heath & Homoeopathy he narrated Health, its introduction, current national & International health scenario, Its need, Health care systems, Doctor and his role, Homoeopathy education, Research in Homoeopathy, Homoeopathic Pharmacies, Homoeopathy around the world and in India, Pitfalls in Homoeopathy, Opportunities in Homoeopathy, Homoeopathy – Legal matters.Dr. I. Srinivas, executive member IPH, delivered his lecture on Model Homoeo Clinic and its establishment to make the participant aware of the infrastructure required to manage a Homoeo clinic with ultimate standards.

Programme on Clinical Evidence:

To cultivate and encourage evidence based practices in Homoeopathy the Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH) started a new programme … Introduction to Clinical evidence which gave the brief introduction on What is the necessity of Clinical evidence in present health scenario ? How to record the cases ? What are the needs of Clinical evidence? How it helps the clinical practices ? How does it help in clinical research ?all these are discussed. Dr. N. Gavesh, executive member IPH from Chirala, presented a case of Diabetic Foot and its treatment with Homoeopathy. Dr. C. Pavan an executive member from Vijayawada presented a case of PCOD with homoeopathic management. He presented the importance of mind symptoms in selection of a similimum in achieving the permanent cure. Dr. B. S. Venkateswara Rao, Hon. Member IPH of Visakhapatnam presented a case of Psoriasis with Homoeopathic management. Dr. B. S. Mohan, director IPH presented a case of Colle’s fracture with Drug allergy referred by a Orthopaedic surgeon for further management with Homoeopathic treatment. Dr. V. SrinivasaBabu presented a case of Stress induced Rheumatoid Arthritis treated under Homoeopathy.

Dr. MVSAKP Gupta, an executive member IPH, organised the Medi Quiz, SMS Contest & Lucky participant contest at the seminar, also arranged to distribute the prizes for the winners. Vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Y. Hanumantha Rao. Total 170 delegates including Students, Faculty members, IPH members, Local private practitioners were among the gathering.

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