EVENT -21 - LMHI 2011

3rd December, 2011
LMHI – 2011
66TH World Homoeopathic Congress 2011 – Sirifort Auditorium,
New Delhi - INDIA

An international mega event , 66 th ‘World Homoeopathic Congress 2011’ on “ Homeopathy for Public Health” was held in New Delhi in the first week of December. The event kicked off on WorldAIDS DAY on 1st of December and continued till 4 th of December. The event was held for the fourthtime in India. The earlier congresses were held in year 1967, 1977 and 1995. This congress has beentermed as ‘Homeopathic KumbMela”

The event was organized by LigaMedicorum Homoeopathic Internationalis (LMHI) in collaboration withCentral Council for Research in Homoeopathy and was sponsored by Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia Laboratory. The venue for the event was Siri Fort Auditorium Complex, August Kranti Marg, New Delhi – 110049.

The complex has 4 auditoriums with the combined seating capacity of 2598 people. LIGA 2011 envisions a world that offers an optimal healing environment, in which cure of the patient is the ultimate goal. The mission of the congress was to provide an international forum to homeopaths,homeopathic societies and researchers who are interested in the development of science ofhomeopathy. The Congress was attended by experts from homeopathy as well as alternative medicinesystem sector from across the world. The congress promises a lot of learning and awareness onHomeopathy including panel discussion and how it can make a difference to the public health. A state-of-the-art Trade Exhibition was also held concurrent to the congress.

There were 2400 delegates from 70 countries who come together to discuss and listen to the latestdevelopments in homeopathy. 313 papers were presented in 16 parallel sessions by homeopaths from6 continents, 28 countries. All the papers were peer-reviewed by a team of 12 experts before being accepted.

Country-wise Break-up of speakers
1. Asia: India, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Iran, UAE, Latvia, Philippines
2. Europe: Belgium, Germany, Latvia, Greece, Italy, France, England, Netherland, Romania, Surrey,France, Switzerland, Ireland
3. North America: USA, Canada, Mexico
4. South America: Brazil
5. Africa: South Africa
6. Australia

1. Public health initiatives in Homeopathy
2. Homeopathic Education and Government policies around the world
3. Basic Research in homeopathy- scope and limitations
4. Homeopathy for “Healthy Mother & Happy Child”
5. Clinical studies of Homeopathy- RCT, Meta-analysis etc.
6. Applied Homeopathy: Case Studies
7. Success stories highlighting various prescribing techniques
8. Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy
9. Human Pathogentic Trials (HPTs) – planning & protocol
10.Homeopathy in Allied Life Sciences
11.Homeopathy in Dentistry
12.Homeopathy in Veterinarian science
14.Open topics

On this International platform, LMHI 2011, Insitute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH ) presented a paper on Practice Management In Homoeopathy – Its Role To Promote High Standards In Clinical Pracitice For Better Adoption In Public Health. This paper was presented as a Poster presentation. This paper received excellent response from the participants.

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