EVENT -18 - REFRESH 2011

18th February, 2011
Refresh – 2011
Dr.Gururaju Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College,
Gudivada - INDIA

Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH), a voluntary Homoeopathic Medical Academic Organisation, in association with Dr.Gururaju Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, GUDIVADA f Andhra Pradesh has organized a one day programerefresh on 18th Feb, 2011, at conference hall of Dr. G. G. Homoeopathic Medical College, Gudivada.

As a part of their programme, IPH also conducted a COLLEGE SURVEY PROGRAMME among the students who attended the seminar. Dr. N. RAMA MURTHY, Professor, Dr. G.G.H. Medical college, Gudivada invited and introduced the guest the audience. The CME programme refresh was inaugurated by Dr. R. RAMESH KUMAR principal-in-charge, if of the College. In his inaugural words, he welcomed the motivation, interest and volunteer ship, and interest to create awareness on Health &Homoeoapthy, among the Pre-clinical students. Dr. D. V. KRISHNA RAO academic Director, IPH has presented the introduction and reported the activities of IPH. He anchored the entire programme as the master of ceremony.Dr. B. S. MOHAN Director, IPH, delivered his presentation on “ Introduction to Health & HOMOEOPATHY – non academic view ”,

His presentation attempted and pin pointedly discussed all the topics to elucidate the “introduction to Health and Homoeoapthy - in non academic view” including Health, factors behind health, its need, requirements, current health scenario, health care systems, Homoeoapthy its origin, development, Education, Research opportunities and also discussed the pit-falls in Homoeopathy. He also quoted various FACTS & FIGURES of medical and Health subject.Dr. C. P. SATYA PRASAD academic advisor of IPH and former Professor Dr. G. G. H. Medical College, Gudivada presented on the topic “Understanding Homoeopathy from 1st BHMS itself”, in his message he stressed the need of understanding, not simply studying, the Organon from the beginning of 1st BHMS itself, to knonw and practice Homoeopathy in better way. He quoted various examples from his experience to give a broad idea on the subject for the upcoming young Homoeopaths.Dr. C. PAVAN KUMAR of Vijayawada, , an IPH member, presented the vote of thanks.In relation to the seminar, an SMS CONTEST was organised and the winner are felicitated on the day. Professors and other teaching staff viz., Dr.Ramanjaneyulu , Dr. K. S. N Murhty, Paul Martin, Dr. PVJ Nayana Kumar, Dr.Tulasivenkateswara Rao Dr.Balaji and more than 120 students of the college participated the seminar.

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