EVENT -13 - REFRESH 2009 - IMA

29th March, 2009
Refresh IMA– 2009
Indian Medical Association
Amalapuram - INDIA

On the evening of 29th March, 2009 an unusual and an interesting event was taken place at Amalapuram, East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. The local branch of INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION (IMA), Konaseema, in association with INSTITUTE OF PRACTICNG HOMOEOPATHY ( IPH) had organisedan interaction programme onHomoeopathy, to create awareness among the members of the local branch of IMA.Dr. I. SRINIVAS, an IPH executive invited the guests Dr. A. V. NARASIMHA RAJU MD(Gen) President, IMA Konaseema Branch to preside over the function,

Dr. K. V. RAMANA KUMAR MS(Ortho) Secretary, IMA Konaseema branch to organise the event, Dr. B. S. VENKATESWARA RAO MD (Homoeo) former Vice President IIHP, AP state Unit, of Visakhapatnam as Speaker of the day and Prof. Dr. C. P. SATYA PRASAD MBS(H) Retd. Professor and Acdemic Advisor, IPH, as a Guest of Honour, to the dais and handed over the follow up programme to IMA Secretary.

Dr. C. P. SATYA PRASAD lighted the Jyothi as a mark of Inauguration and Dr.A. V. Narasimha Raju, IMA President garlanded the Portrait of Hahnemann. In his inaugural speech Dr. A. V. Narasimha Raju, Physician, told that the IMA was happy to organise this kind of interaction programme and explained about the case history of his son, who had been suffering from Allergic conjunctivitis and he was treated by many Ophthalmologists and finally got cured by Homoeopathy.

Later, Prof DR. C. P. SATYAPRASAD, Academic advisor IPH, who was introduced by Dr. G. YOGESWARA RAO, Professor, Dr. A. R.G. Homoeopathic Medical College, Rajahmundry, unveiled the IPH Group’s case sheet designed exclusively for the members of Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy. After unveiling the case record, in his brief talk, he stressed the need of Homoeopathy in present health care system and the salient features of Homoeopathic treatment. In his introductory words DR. K. V. RAMANA KUMAR, Orthopaedic surgeon, Secretary, IMA has appreciated the arrangements made by the IPH and felt happy for this kind of attendance not seen in their earlier gatherings / programmes. He also felt happy for this kind of programme during his tenure.

Dr. P. SURESH BABU, MD (Paed) Paediatrician introduced the speaker to the gathering. In his lecture on “ Homoeopathy – its Scope in Health care” Dr. B. S. VENKATESWARA RAO MD(Homoeo) Vandana Homoeopathic Hospital, Visakhapatnam, AP, introduced the Homoeopathy from its inception, definition, development and progress as the second best medical system. He explained the topic under 9 different headings, viz. 1.Definition of health, 2Concept of disease, 3. Individualization, 4.Human experimental pharmacology.5. Homoeopathic Pharmaco-dynamics, 6. Disease dynamics, 7.Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunological axis 8.Expecting result according to Classification, law and code.Kent’s remedy reaction. 9. Modern trends…and protocol of Homoeopathic treatment with many examples. Finally he showed the evidence based, well documented, clinical cases of Keratomelanosis / Acanthosis nigra, Lichen planus tongue, Infected Acne, Bilateral Fallopian tubes block, gangrene of fingers and sole and Varicose ulcer treated by him at his own clinic.

The interaction session and question time followed the speech of the speaker. The session was initiated by Dr. C. S. MURTHY, Diabetic Specialist, with the question : What is the necessity of taking Homoeopathic treatment, when a patient is already using Insulin? What is the role of the Lactose ? What are the effects of Fructose ? How much time a case takes to cure ? Is it true that a homoeopathic treatment takes the old symptoms or disease recur ?etc. These questions were answered appropriately in a scientific way and also with evidence based, well recorded DIABETIC FOOT GANGRENE treated by Dr. N. GAVESH an IPH member from Chirala.

Mementoes were presented to the concerned and Vote of thanks expressed by Dr. D. V. KRISHNA RAO, Academic Director, IPH. Finally the programme ends with healthy and delicious dinner in a hygienic environment.

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