10th August, 2004
Medico Awareness Programme – 2004
Aditya Talent School
Amalapuram - INDIA

AMALAPURAM, August10, Three member medicos of Osteopathy from Michigan State University, Michigan USA visited Amalapuram, on their Project work on Rural Health services in India programme. During their programme, they visited and attended various disciplines of medical branches in and around Kakinada of East Godavari Dist of Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion, Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy (IPH) has arranged an introductory lecture on Homoeopathy to the visiting guests. The Director, IPH has delivered a brief lecture on “Introduction to Homoeopathy and its Position in India”

Dr.Esli ,Dr.Jasa Woods Dr. Belinda S. Kakosand the members of the Institute of Practicing Homoeopathy(IPH) were attended the programme. It is the first introductory programme to Homoeopathic medical subject, the visiting guests expressed. And also added that they never had an opportunity to get introduced to Homoeopathy. Their desire was fulfilled with this lecture. Dr. Mary Robin, Superintendent, Rev. Joseph Memorial Hospital, Vilasa introduced the visiting guests to Institute of Practicing of Homoeopathy.

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