23rd November, 2003
refresh Pilot Programme
Vijaya Homoeo Clinic - Amalapuram

A pilot programme on Practice management, with a topic "How to get Good Practice in Homoeopathy" was organised exclusively for the roommates and classmates at Vijaya Homoeo Clinic, Amalapuram on 23 November, 2003. This programme was organised with a mission to develop the practicing skills among the attended group. Total 9 members from various places of Andhra Pradesh were attended. Dr. D. V. Krishna Rao (Vijayawada), Dr. V. Srinivasa Babu (Vijayawada) Dr. T. V. Sagar(Guntur), Dr. N. Gavesh (Chirala), Dr. I. Srinivas (Narsarao Peta) Dr B. V. Bhaskar and Dr. Y. Hanumantha Rao (Visakhapatnam) and Dr. T. Sree Ram (Hyderabad) were among the attendees.

A resolution was passed to establish a voluntary academic organisation and also decided to extend / organise the similar and updated programme to the local Consultant / Practicing Homoeopathic physicians of the region.

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